Hi There!

I’m Kelton, a foodie passionate about delicious food and healthy living. Welcome in!

Food has always been a powerful force that brings people together. Growing up in a small town in Missouri, I witnessed the love and care that went into home-cooked meals. One of my earliest memories in the kitchen was attempting to make homemade pizza dough with my family. Let’s just say the results were… interesting. But I loved every moment of it, and that’s when my love for cooking truly ignited.

I believe that food has a magical ability to unite people. It’s one of the reasons I chose a career in the culinary world. I want everyone to feel included in my culinary journey. Although my career path has taken me on various adventures, from earning a biology degree to working as a creator and culinary producer in Los Angeles, I’ve also discovered my passion for fitness. Taking care of our bodies is not only beautiful but also incredibly rewarding in countless ways.


But let me tell you, my food journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing. It’s the challenges I’ve faced that have taught me the importance of living a balanced life. On this page, I aim to inspire you to enjoy food without guilt. I firmly believe that there are no “good” or “bad” foods. Each food has its own merits, and it’s all about finding that balance.

Life is a journey of growth, and I’m excited to share everything that has helped me grow to where I am today, with all of you. So take a look around, try out some of my recipes, and discover the world of guilt-free and delicious food!

Remember, on this website, it’s all about enjoying food while still living a healthy life. No guilt, just good food!