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My name’s Kelton and I make exciting, authentic meals with a plant-based twist. I love sharing recipes that are delicious, sustainable, and worth talking about. Welcome to my kitchen!

For me, food has always been a great way to bring people together. Growing up in small-town Missouri, I saw how much love can go into a home-cooked meal. My first memory of preparing food myself was when I tried cooking a homemade pizza dough with my family. My results were… interesting to say the least. I loved every second, though, and have been obsessed with cooking ever since. 

There’s something spectacular about food that brings people together. It’s a massive reason why I chose a career in culinary. I want everyone to feel included in my story.

I’m so grateful to have experienced life in such an agriculture-heavy town. Being surrounded by food production taught me how food is grown and how best to use it. I try my best to use this experience to bring you the greatest foods in both quality and taste.

My upbringing in Missouri eventually brought me to sunny LA. Living in Southern California has opened my eyes to sustainability and its importance. All these recipes are eco-friendly, plant-based, and absolutely delicious. No matter what stage you are at in your plant-based journey these eats are for you!

At Kelton’s Kitchen we cover everything — from reducing food waste to upping your plant-based cooking skills. One thing I love to do is deep dive into the culture behind a dish and find a way to reduce its impact on the planet. With just a few simple tweaks, most dishes can become super sustainable while still tasting just as delectable.  

My intention is to never undermine the culture of a dish. I simply want to celebrate its heritage in a way that’s good for the world. I believe that if we all made some simple changes to our lives, the future of the planet would look a whole lot brighter.

It’s so great to have you here — let’s get cooking!

We are devoted food enthusiasts who believe in the power of a good meal to travel the world without leaving our kitchen in the heart of Manchester. We find joy in crafting, cooking, and above all, devouring delicious dishes that not only satisfy the tastebuds but also nourish the soul.

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